We Love Dogs!

We've got what your pup needs!  Whether it's a quick potty break, a leisurely stroll, or a high-energy workout, we can satisfy the unique needs of any breed or personality.  We offer one-on-one dog walking, so your pup will be the only dog getting our love and attention during your appointment.  Check out our Dog Walking Services!


Cats need love too!

Of course we do pet sitting for dogs!  But we also offer pet sitting services for cats, birds, fish, and anything else you may have running around the house.  Our service includes feeding, cleaning litter, one-on-one playtime, and administering any necessary medications.  If you want, we'll also water your plants, bring in your mail/newspaper, and take out/bring in trash & recycling. Check out our Pet Sitting Services!

About PJ's Pups

I started walking dogs professionally in 2009, and started doing business in Oregon in 2012.  I am dedicated to providing you and your pet with the highest level of service.  We don't walk dogs in packs like some competitors.  It's important to me that your dog receives one-on-one care and attention.  I do my best to treat your dog the way I would want mine to be treated.  PJ's Pups and its employees are insured and bonded with additional coverage for damage to a client's property.  We'll do everything within our abilities and resources to meet your needs!


Contact Us

Phone: (503)893-2415

email: contact@pjspupspdx.com

Twitter: @pjspups