Employment FAQ


Interested in joining the PJ's Pups family?  If so, please read our Employment FAQ carefully before applying, to ensure that our company is a good fit for you!


How far will I be driving?

This will depend on the locations of your clients.  Generally, we try to assign a walker to clients in the same area to minimize driving.


Do you accept aggressive pets?

No, we do not. And all clients and pets are pre-screened for your safety.


How long are the visits you offer clients?

Visits are 15-60 minutes depending on the pet and the client request.


Who tells me what time I must be at the home for the pet visits?

Each client will select a 2-hour window in which service is to be performed.  You will be given your clients’ service windows and will be responsible for making a schedule that will meet your clients’ needs.


Are you always busy?

There will be some weeks when you are quite busy, other times will be very quiet and you will have a lot more free time. Our peak periods are during spring break, summer months, and the holidays.


Do you offer full-time employment, 40 hours per week?

We do not offer full-time employment at this time.



If I already have a full time job should I apply?

This is not the type of job that you will be able to do if you already have a full-time day job, as you would not be able to be available during the hours that our clients need you the most.


I'm a student, and only live in Portland for part of the year. Should I apply?

We prefer to hire walkers who live in Portland year-round.  This lets our dogs and their owners work with the same walker, and allows us to provide consistent and uninterrupted service.



About PJ's Pups

I started walking dogs professionally in 2009, and started doing business in Oregon in 2012.  I am dedicated to providing you and your pet with the highest level of service.  We don't walk dogs in packs like some competitors.  It's important to me that your dog receives one-on-one care and attention.  I do my best to treat your dog the way I would want mine to be treated.  PJ's Pups and its employees are insured and bonded with additional coverage for damage to a client's property.  We'll do everything within our abilities and resources to meet your needs!


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