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I grew up with 5 brothers and sisters running around in the Arizona desert.  There's not a lot to do out there, so we always made sure there were lots of animals around to play with!  We had plenty of cats and quite a few dogs, but my favorite was always Pepper, shown in the bottom picture.  


I started walking dogs professionally in the northern Virginia suburbs of Washington, DC, primarily in the Alexandria and Arlington areas.  I have experience with every shape, size, breed, and personality of dog.  My past clients included large dogs such as German shepherds and St. Bernards; small dogs such as Cavalier King Charles spaniels and Bichon Frise; high-energy dogs such as Australian Shepherds and Weimeraners; and all ages from puppies to seniors.  


I currently live in Southwest Portland with my husband Rob, my dog Charlie, and my cat Frankie.













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About PJ's Pups

I started walking dogs professionally in 2009, and started doing business in Oregon in 2012.  I am dedicated to providing you and your pet with the highest level of service.  We don't walk dogs in packs like some competitors.  It's important to me that your dog receives one-on-one care and attention.  I do my best to treat your dog the way I would want mine to be treated.  PJ's Pups and its employees are insured and bonded with additional coverage for damage to a client's property.  We'll do everything within our abilities and resources to meet your needs!


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